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Unique & Cozy Winter Getaways (Treehouse, A-frame, Log Cabin)

A collection of my favorite winter getaways from the last few years. From a treehouse in Maine to a log cabin on a mountainside in Vermont, these are some of the coziest and most unique places I've ever been to.

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airbnb links to Cabins in video:

Maine treehouse: https://bit.ly/seguintreehouse

Vermont log cabin: https://bit.ly/boltoncabin

Adirondack cabin: https://bit.ly/adirondackcabin

Vermont A-frame: https://bit.ly/vermontblueaframe

modern Maine cabin:https://bit.ly/maineperch

small quirky Vermont cabin with barrel sauna: https://bit.ly/vermontscandinaviancabin

maine huts: https://bit.ly/howlinghut

#treehouse #cabin #winter

Видео Unique & Cozy Winter Getaways (Treehouse, A-frame, Log Cabin) канала Trout and Coffee
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