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1 Orchestra | 30 Film Themes [Orchestral Film & TV Music Arrangement]

30 musical themes from popular Film and Television arranged into a continuous 30-minute performance for orchestra by Stuart Bramwell. UNMUTED VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Mh-q4iG6Q5s
00:00 Avatar - Becoming One Of The People (James Horner)
01:18 Game Of Thrones - Titles (Ramin Djawadi)
02:10 Star Trek Next Generation - Titles - (Jerry Goldsmith)
02:35 How To Train Your Dragon - Romantic Flight (John Powell)
03:45 How To Train Your Dragon - This Is Berk (John Powell)
04:00 How To Train Your Dragon - Test Drive (John Powell)
04:30 How To Train Your Dragon - Together We Map The World (John Powell)
05:00 The Lord Of The Rings - The Shire (Howard Shore)
05:42 Wall-E - Define Dancing (Thomas Newman)
06:16 How To Train Your Dragon - Forbidden Friendship (John Powell)
08:23 Harry Potter - Titles (John Williams)
08:43 Harry Potter - Defending Hogwarts (Alexandre Desplat)
09:28 Harry Potter - Hedwig's Theme (John Williams)
10:00 Overwatch - Victory Theme (Neal Acree)
10:45 Monster Hunter: World - Bazelgeuse (Tadayoshi Makino)
10:50 Interstellar - Cornfield Chase (Hans Zimmer)
12:41 Downton Abbey - Titles (John Lunn)
14:55 Howls Moving Castle - Merry-Go-Round of Life (Joe Hisaishi) *MUTED*
15:56 How To Train Your Dragon - Furies In Love (John Powell)
17:08 Star Trek Into Darkness - Sub-Prime Directive (Michael Giacchino) *MUTED*
18:05 Inception - Time (Hans Zimmer)
20:50 The Mandalorian - Titles (Ludwig Göransson)
21:45 Jurassic Park - Titles (John Williams)
22:42 ET - Forest Chase (John Williams)
23:20 The Peacemakers - Titles (Stuart Bramwell)
23:50 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Titles (James Newton Howard)
25:06 Avengers: Endgame - Portals (Alan Silvestri)
26:04 Star Wars - Imperial March (John Williams)
26:30 IT - Titles (Benjamin Wallfisch)
27:30 How To Train Your Dragon - The Hidden World (John Powell)
29:12 *CREDITS* Music - 'Flying High' - (Stuart Bramwell)

FULL UNCUT VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/Mh-q4iG6Q5s

Composition/Arrangement/Recording/Editing/Concertmaster - Stuart Bramwell
Conductor - Konstantinos Terzakis
Piano - Valerie Tjota


-This recording took place right before the COVID-19 virus outbreak, resulting in limitations in the size of the ensemble (no woodwinds/brass due to particulates in the air).
- With the exception of 'The Peacemakers' and 'Flying High', all of this music was written by other composers and ONLY arranged by Stuart Bramwell.
- This arrangement was NOT performed live to an audience and won't be in the future either. This is strictly a student-led recording in an educational institute (music conservatoire).
- Live performance sheet music / parts will NOT be distributed in any way.
- Yes I like the HTTYD score, can you tell?


If you DO NOT want your music featured in this arrangement, submit a shared revenue claim on the video and I will mute the segment out in response, as I have already done with a few of the pieces. (I cannot accept shared revenue claims sadly, for the reasons below).

I WILL NOT accept shared revenue 'cover' claims on this video. This is because YouTube calculates the share based on the *total* video revenue, and not based on the segment you claim.

For example, you claim 15:00 - 16:00 = 1 minute total. You'd think you'd earn 1/30th of the revenue of the video right? (1 minute out of the 30 minute duration of the video).


Instead, YouTube splits the entire revenue of the video almost equally (as cover videos dont usually contain more than one rights-holder).

Therefor the share is massive - both unfair and illegal (you are claiming other composers' money/rights). As you have seen, I instead mute the segment removing the claim. For this reason, claiming shared revenue on this video will only result in the segment being muted. If that's what you want, so be it.

I kindly ask you to look favourably upon this arrangement and emplore you not to submit copyright/revenue claims on the video. The dedication and work put into this video is (I hope) very obvious, and it's a disservice/discredit to both the performers and myself when what little revenue this video generates is taken, in turn removing the support it brings.
Everyone involved in this video are students in a music conservatoire (undergraduate music school). Each arrangement is short and bespoke, arranged specifically for this ensemble and glued together by purely original transitional material written by myself. All of this makes the video very different to your typical 'cover' you might claim.

tags: Film Music Arrangement Medley Mashup Live Orchestra Main Theme

Видео 1 Orchestra | 30 Film Themes [Orchestral Film & TV Music Arrangement] канала Stuart Bramwell Film Composer
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