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Unseen Real Titanic Photos

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1. The Titanic, Cobh Harbour-1912.
2. Construction in Gantry, 1909–11.
3. Olympic Stern and Rudder (A Sister Ship of Titanic).
4. Unfinished Superstructure Launch, 1911.
5. RMS Titanic Leaving Belfast for Her Sea Trials on 2 April 1912
6. First Class State Rooms were Decorated in A Variety of Design Styles from Georgian to Jacobean to Italian Renaissance.
7. Titanic's Grand Staircase.
8. First Class Smoking Room
9. Gymnasium on the Boat Deck, which was Equipped with the Latest Exercise Machines.
10. Swimming Pool of the Titanic.
11. John Jacob Astor IV in 1909. He Was the Wealthiest Person Aboard Titanic; He did Not Survive.
12. La Circassienne Au Bain by Merry-Joseph Blondel; The Most Highly Valued Item of Cargo Lost on the Titanic. This Image is of a Copy.
13. Public Areas Available to the Middle Class Which Includes A Library, Smoking Room, Dining Salon and Promenade Decks.
14. The Public Rooms for Third Class Passengers.
15. Marconi Operator Room For 5-Kilowatt Ocean Liner Station.
16. Crowds Line the Docks as the Titanic Prepares to Take Off on Its Voyage. Southampton, England. April 10, 1912.
17. Titanic At Southampton Docks, Prior to Departure.
18. The Titanic Leaving Port for the Final Time.
19. The Titanic Leaves Port at Southampton, England to Begin Its Voyage. April 10, 1912.
20. Captain Edward J. Smith (Right) And Purser Hugh Walter Mcelroy Stand Aboard the Titanic.
21. The Lifeboats Sit in their Davits on the Titanic.
22. Titanic Passengers Stroll Past the Ship's Onboard Lifeboats Soon Before the Ship Went Down. Circa April 10-14, 1912.
23. The Icy Waters where the Titanic Sinking Occurred, As Seen Just Days Before the Disaster; April 4, 1912.
24. The Iceberg Thought to Have Been Hit by Titanic, Photographed on the Morning Of 15 April 1912; Note the Dark Spot Just Along the Berg's Waterline, Which was Described by Onlookers as A Smear of Red Paint.
25. The Musicians of the RMS Titanic. They Played Music, Intending to Calm the Passengers, For as Long as They Possibly Could, And All Went Down with the Ship. All were Recognized for Their Heroism.
26. Lifeboats Carry Titanic Survivors Toward Safety.
27. The Last Lifeboat Launched from the Titanic Makes Its Way Through the Water. April 15, 1912.
28. A Newspaper Boy Sells Copies of the Evening News Telling of the Titanic Sinking Outside the Office of the White Star Line (The Company That Launched the Titanic) In London a Day After the Ship Went Down. April 16, 1912.

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