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Unkillable: The Story of Ice-T's Metal Band Body Count, Part 1

"The Ballad of Body Count and 'Cop Killer'" is a fable as familiar as any in the Nineties rock canon, recounted in countless docs, history books, and Biography-style TV specials. The twist is that, nearly 30 years after Ice-T nearly scorched himself on what he calls "the electric fence" in American culture, the group is still going strong. In fact, even though much of the original band died from various causes, Body Count are arguably as strong as ever. Part 1 of Revolver's in-depth doc looks back at the incendiary band's rise and fall — before they rose again, that is.

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Видео Unkillable: The Story of Ice-T's Metal Band Body Count, Part 1 канала REVOLVER
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5 октября 2020 г. 21:00:10