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VRChat Deleted Content

VRChat deleted content from VRChat in a nutshell and my other funny VR videos. I still play VRChat I just don't livestream it as much, but I still got some hilarious highlights for you... I hope you enjoy :)
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Today I tried to make a compilation of BTS moments & highlights that didn't make into VRChat in a nutshell series and my other comedy VRChat series. It was quite a challenge because technically I have over 1 TB of funny highlights that I never got to show you outside of my livestreams, but fortunately the folder with more recent funny moments isn't as big lol. No, this is not VRChat in a nutshell 21, but I tried to include the parody opening anyways.

I plan to continue making hilarious VR videos and livestream it as well, but these highlights from VRChat deleted content just didn't fit the flow of my VR videos or I didn't find them as funny as my friends did, who in fact encouraged me to show you this funny moment compilation. I think the bits are still pretty funny, at the time of editing I just saw them so many times I got used to them if that makes sense? Anyways, I hope you found these clips funny and I can't wait to make more virtual reality memes
VRChat In a Nutshell Deleted Content

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22 июля 2021 г. 21:15:01