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Siracusa Sicily...Is it worth a visit?

On my last day in Sicily, Ryan and I decided to check out Siracusa Sicily. An ancient city influenced by the Greeks, Siracusa Sicily is a maze of narrow alley ways, stunning architecture, artisan shops and incredible food. First, we show you how to get to Siracusa, driving from Taormina Sicily to Catania Sicily and then taking the train from Catania Sicily to Siracusa. Once in Siracusa, we check into our B&B, Casa Cristina, and then head out to explore the town. After a little shopping, we stop by the Siracusa market for some fresh seafood, meats, cheeses and wine. From there, we head out of the city to a Varco Venti3, a chic beach club located in a nature reserve with the most unusual colored waters. After a little snorkeling, we head back to Siracusa for dinner in the alley at Le Vin de l'Assassin with creative traditional dishes and local ingredients.

#siracusa #sicilia #italia

Видео Siracusa Sicily...Is it worth a visit? канала EURO TROTTER
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