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MOST FAMOUS Movies BEFORE AND AFTER Special Effects (VFX) ▶6

More often than not, the award-winning visual effects are the ones which eventually become the film’s most unique selling point!
And in the last few decades, Hollywood has been the torch-bearer of the VFX world, which has largely succeeded on the big screen, in making the impossible world seem possible!
Hello everyone, and in this video, we’ll look at some of the most famous movie scenes and how they really look like, before and after VFX.

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Below is the list of Most Famous Hollywood Movies list with their VFX scenes (Part 6):
At number 7: Shazam!
At number 6: I am Legend
At number 5: Jumanji - The Next Level
At number 4: Guardians of the Galaxy
At number 3: The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug
At number 2: Captain America - Civil War
At number 1: John Carter

Credit goes to the following VFX Companies List and the work put in by these amazing VFX teams/studios:
Framestore (https://www.framestore.com/)
Weta Digital (https://www.wetafx.co.nz/)
Sony Pictures Imageworks (https://www.imageworks.com/)
DNEG (https://www.dneg.com/)
Industrial Light & Magic (http://www.ilm.com)
Luma Pictures (http://www.lumapictures.com)
PIXOMONDO (https://www.pixomondo.com/)
Trixter (https://www.trixter.de/)
Scanline VFX (https://www.scanlinevfx.com/)
Atomic Fiction (https://www.methodstudios.com/en/)
Digital Domain (https://www.digitaldomain.com/)
Rise (https://www.risefx.com/)
Cinesite (https://www.cinesite.com/)
and many more VFX studios..

Thumbnail Credit:

Behind the scenes:
Walt Disney Studios
Sony Pictures
animation boss (http://animation-boss.com)
Flashback FilmMaking

And thanks to big productions studios like Disney, Sony Pictures, Marvel Entertainment, DC Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures and many more, without whom these movies wouldn't have been possible.

So guys, do you really like movies involving VFX? And which one of the 7 movie scenes is your favourite?
Any other movie you'd suggest for our next VFX video?
Leave us a comment below.

Thanks for watching!

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