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I Let My BFF & Sister Pick My Boyfriend: Lizzy Capri | Bestie Picks Bae x @Lizzy Capri

ICYMI, Carter Sharer came on this very show a few weeks ago to find a bae. Well, his ex girlfriend @Lizzy Capri saw it too, got pissed, and now she's here to find a bae of her own. Who's laughing now, Carter? Lizzy asked her sister and her best friend (who is practically another sister) to pick out a new boyfriend out of 10 lucky guys. Lizzy's looking for a guy who's passionate about what they do, ambitious, and always down to have fun. Did Lizzy's bffs find her the right guy, or is she in for more drama? Watch and see.

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Producer: Rachel Lieberman
Bae Producer: Heather Semler
DP: Rob Mroczko
Camera Operators: Branson LB, Deanna Govea, Bobby Davidson
Audio Op: Dave Scaringe
PAs: Jay LaForest, Trenton Moore
Editor: Steve van Clark
Graphics: Kelsey Fink
Entertainment Manager: Emily Hausman
Casting by Casting Depot

Видео I Let My BFF & Sister Pick My Boyfriend: Lizzy Capri | Bestie Picks Bae x @Lizzy Capri канала Seventeen
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