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The Doors Miami 1969 full Audio concert.

I didn't find much from this concert anywhere, just little pieces here and there, this is a mixed CD a friend bought to someone while visiting Père Lachaise Cemetery, Jim's headstone in France decades ago.

I don't know if there's any better quality sound file around but i doubt it...

Hope you enjoy

Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!lK5jwIRZ!nL7DvUoSMf-KjT8N170XB50P6l9QK6jgDq8TREOQN4M

1- Jim's intro ... Back Door Man
2- ¨I want some Love!! ¨
3- Five To One
4-" Talking about love" Touch me
5- Love me two times
6- When The music's over part 1
7- When the music's over part 2
8- Jim's commentary on change
9- Away in India
10- When the Music's over part 3
11- "I was born here..."
12- When the music's over part 4 | "We want the world..."
13- Celebration of the lizard
14- Light My fire part 1
15- Light My fire part 2
16- "Id F*** her but..." & Jim invites people on stage!
17- "There are no rules... NO LIMITS NO LAWS..."
18- end comments....

Видео The Doors Miami 1969 full Audio concert. канала Jerónimo Oscar Alende
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