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Gorilla Tag Pro VS 30 HUNTERS (Gorilla Tag VR: Manhunt)

In this gorilla tag video, I try to survive against a whole bunch of gorilla tag hunters! If you want to be a part of my videos, join the Discord! Also, if you want to see me livestream - follow me on Twitch! All links are below.

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In this gorilla tag video, I play gorilla tag with my friends in virtual reality (VR). For the gorilla tag challenge, we play manhunt. Just like Minecraft manhunt which is played by Dream. In this challenge video, I try to see how long I can last in gorilla tag VR. This game is available on the oculus quest 2 vr headset. LOL.


My Gear: https://kit.co/jmancurly


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Momo Do by The Mini Vandals featuring Mamadou Koita and Lasso

Invitation to the Castle Ball by Doug Maxwell

Cat Shat in the Box by josh pan

Bond by Norma Rockwell

Danger Snow - Dan Henig

OvO by Jeremy Black

Danger Snow by Dan Henig

Nocturne by Asher Fulero

Voices by Patrick Patrikios

Twelve Speed by Slynk


I do not own any of the music, pictures, overlays/chroma key, external video clips, or sound effects used in this video. Unless I do, which I usually don't.

Видео Gorilla Tag Pro VS 30 HUNTERS (Gorilla Tag VR: Manhunt) канала jmancurly
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