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Brigitte Bardot | Transformation From 1 To 84 Years Old

Birthday: September 28, 1934
Nationality: French
Famous: Quotes By Brigitte Bardot Actresses
Also Known As: Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot
Sun Sign: Libra
Age: 84 Years
Born In: Paris
Famous As: Actress & Animal Rights Activist
Height: 1.70 M
Spouse/Ex-: Gunter Sachs, Jacques Charrier, Miroslav Brozek, Roger Vadim, Sami Frey
Father: Louis Bardot
Mother: Anne-Marie Bardot
Siblings: Mijanou Bardot
Children: Nicolas-Jacques Charrier
Relilion: Catholicism
City, States, Provinces & Districts: Paris
Net Worth: $65 Million As Of Jun 14, 2017
Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot is a French former actress and fashion model who later became an animal rights activist. She embarked on an acting career during the 1950s and before long became one of the best known sex symbols of that era. Blessed with radiant beauty, poise and grace, she was the epitome of femininity and gained a reputation for her free-flowing sensuality that made her famous not just in France but on an international level. She was introduced to dance as a young girl and developed a passion for it. Encouraged by her artistically inclined mother, she attended ballet classes by Russian choreographer Boris Knyazev and excelled at it. She also began modeling as a teenager and appeared on the cover of France's ‘Elle’ magazine at the age of 15. A chance encounter with the young film director, Roger Vadim ensured that she got the opportunity to enter filmdom as well. She made her acting debut in a comedy film and soon endeared herself to the audiences. Eventually she gained a reputation as a sex symbol because of her sensuous beauty and became one of the best known actresses of the 1950s and 1960s. Following her retirement from the show business, she became an active animal rights activist and established the Foundation for the Protection of Distressed Animals.
Childhood & Early Life
Brigitte Bardot was born on 28 September 1934 to Louis Bardot and Anne-Marie. Her father was an engineer engaged in the family business. Her family was an upper middle-class Roman Catholic one.
As a child, she attended Cours Hattemer, a private school, and also received classes at home. Her mother enrolled her in dance classes when she was young and Brigitte realized that she was naturally talented at dancing.
She was accepted to the Conservatoire de Paris in 1947. She attended ballet classes by Russian choreographer Boris Knyazev for three years.
Beautiful and graceful, she began modeling as a teenager and appeared on the cover of ‘Elle’ in 1950. She came to the notice of the film director Roger Vadim who arranged for her to audition for a role in ‘Les lauriers sont coupés’.
Brigitte got the role but the film was never made. However, this incident made her seriously consider acting as a career.
Acting Career
Brigitte Bardot made her debut in a 1952 comedy film, ‘Le Trou Normand’. She was well liked by the audience who were taken in by her captivating beauty and she was soon flooded with more film offers.
During her early career she mostly appeared in light, romantic dramas. She could play the role of an innocent girl-next-door with the same aplomb she portrayed a sexy siren. She also played small roles in English language films in the 1950s.
She found success quite early on in her career and appeared in 17 films between 1952 and 1956. Married by now, she was encouraged by her husband to explore different types of roles.
In 1956, she was cast in ‘And God Created Woman’ opposite Jean-Louis Trintignant. It was a serious film about an immoral teenager in a respectable small-town setting. The film proved to be a great success and catapulted Bardot to international stardom.
In 1962, she appeared in the film ‘A Very Private Affair’, where she played the role of a young girl who falls in love with her friend’s husband. It was a semi-biographical film of her life, and she earned much acclaim for this role.
By the early 1960s she had become a much sought after actress, widely appreciated for her natural beauty and admired for her raw sexuality. At the peak of her career, Brigitte found herself unable to cope with the pressures of stardom and often went into depression and even became suicidal.

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