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Titanic 2 - (Never Let Go) 2021 Movie Trailer - Parody

Forget everything you thought you knew...
The year is 1915. It's been one year since the tragic events of Titanic. Join Rose (Kate Winslet) as she struggles to adjust to a life without Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio).

But when a mysterious stranger washes up on shore, Rose soon discovers she can't escape the ghosts of her past.

This is a fan trailer (sometimes called a concept trailer). It's a highly edited movie trailer for a fictional film. By using professional voice artists, filmed footage, special effects and creative editing, an entirely original storyline is created.

If you want to see how this trailer was made (with a focus on the editing techniques) then check out the Making of Video.

If you want to hear me talk about the creative process (and how I developed the storyline/plot) then check out my video journal episode of Making The Trailer.

I originally started this trailer way back in 2016. I knew I wanted to make a Titanic 2 trailer that parodied the 90's classic "I Know What You Did Last Summer". In that film, four teenagers mistakenly think they accidentally killed a man. A year later, he turns up alive and wreaks revenge on them.

I wanted to parody that with Jack turning up a year later (after he was assumed dead) and getting his revenge on Rose.

I really struggled to find footage to push this storyline so I ended up putting it to the side. Instead, I focused on a different Titanic plot (which ended up being my trailer for Titanic 2: Jacks Back).

I always wanted to go back and finish this video because I knew it had a strong concept and I really loved the absurdity of it all.

In this trailer I relied heavily on a new technique where I dub actors voices with a professional voice artist. It made it so much easier to push the plot (rather than relying on existing footage) and I'm very happy with the way this trailer turned out.

This trailer is comprised of 15 different movies and uses 4 different voice artists.

Special thanks to the following voice artists who supplied their talents courtesy of Fiverr.com

CallanRobinson as the trailer narrator
DoneDeal2 as the voice of Jack
VoBarb.com as the voice of Molly
StuRoyce as the voice of the Cleanup Crew

and a personal cameo by me as "the badly voiced person who tells Rose she has a letter".

#titanic #2020trailer #titanic2 #neverletgo #trailer

Видео Titanic 2 - (Never Let Go) 2021 Movie Trailer - Parody канала VJ4rawr2
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