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DIY Salon Quality Pedicure 👣 At Home Using Products from Amazon

Can't get to your Salon and desperately need a Pedicure? Suzie shares her Salon secrets for a Beauty Pedi using products she purchased from Amazon.

Suzie’s New Clean Acrylic Starter Kit, Premium Acrylic Brush and Files are available to everyone, both DIY’s and Pro’s! Also check out her Signature Series ‘Nuke It’ Apron😀

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Products in this video:

Suzie’s Premium File Kit

Diane Foot File European Beech Wood (similar to one used in video)
Amazon.com https://amzn.to/2ZMJJFo
Amazon.ca https://amzn.to/3gwyxCB

Cuticle Trimmer/Nippers and Pusher
Amazon.com https://amzn.to/2Z4u8QP (similar to what Suzie ordered from Amazon.ca)
Amazon.ca https://amzn.to/2T2BOPK

Dove Exfoliating Body Scrub Pomegranate & Shea
Amazon.com https://amzn.to/35ZmSat
Amazon.ca https://amzn.to/2Z2o23B

BCL SPA Massage Cream Lemongrass and Green Tea
Amazon.com https://amzn.to/2AlhBhy
Amazon.ca https://amzn.to/2XbiCSD

Gel Polish 001 - In the Air by Koko&Claire

Disclosure: The Amazon links are Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate Nail Career Education earns from qualifying purchases.

00:58 Remove Gel Polish
02:40 Shorten Nail
04:59 Remove Calluses
08:19 Cuticle
10:48 Buff Nail Plate
12:24 Gel Application
16:37 Exfoliate
19:06 Lotion
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Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!
00.00 Better Off With You by Mindme feat. Mia Pfirrman http://bit.ly/2TSu83E
01.04 Gloom by Magnofield https://bit.ly/34vcDtH
05.30 I WIll Let You Know by Power Druid https://bit.ly/2AiNw2a
10.44 Small Circuits by From Now On https://bit.ly/3bCEH0N
12.39 Through The Static by Keppel Skies http://bit.ly/2qYxaYi
14.00 Away from Home by A P O L L O feat. Homebody http://bit.ly/38yNM8G
16.47 Elude by Senchi https://bit.ly/34dVvZz
19.18 Cotton Dreams by Elm Lake https://bit.ly/2Aj2lBS
20.20 Better Off With You by Mindme feat. Mia Pfirrman http://bit.ly/2TSu83E
Music Licensed through Epidemic Sound http://bit.ly/35xne79

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