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Enrique Iglesias - Ring my bells (v. 3.0, HD)

An enr7que.com video to one of the greatest and most original songs ever created - "Ring my bells" by Enrique Iglesias, © 2009 enr7que.
----- v. 3.1 (FINAL version): http://youtu.be/VvkaCFkRORk

It is a new realization of my old idea to use the "Love to see you cry" video. I also edited the song a little bit, it is shorter than the original.

The song is from Enrique's album "Insomniac", 2007. Written by Enrique Iglesias & Kristian Lundin. No whales were hurt during the recording of this song.

"Ring my bells" ORIGINS:
5x s7'edit: https://youtu.be/CoLsVC-erQ0

"Ring my bells" LIVE:
2007: https://youtu.be/o16PFu-E_IY
2011: https://youtu.be/qKUSLfm5WOE

This video is included in playlist "My Work" - watch it here:


Видео Enrique Iglesias - Ring my bells (v. 3.0, HD) канала enr7que
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