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Funny Mario Shorts Compilation 4 - Gabasonian

Funny Mario Shorts Compilation 4. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury will start off, ending with various funny Mario shorts and funny Mario animations featuring Mario himself, Princess Peach, Bowser, Luigi, etc. N-joy the randomness!
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► The Videos
0:00 Mario Looked Under Princess Peach’s Dress https://youtu.be/l5mGKzxy_bA
0:22 SUPER SAIYAN MARIO MEETS SONIC https://youtu.be/PVa8Z1ft6rs
0:41 Mario Meets Bowser’s Fury https://youtu.be/DpM4RcNoOkc
1:02 SUPER SAIYAN MARIO VS BOWSER’S FURY https://youtu.be/ma6osAsHnqQ
1:25 Mario Falls In Love With Peachette https://youtu.be/MSDPqpxo91c
1:44 Peachette Saves Peach - New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe https://youtu.be/PLZq0tkEEjU
2:13 PEACHETTE MEETS BOWSETTE https://youtu.be/DcaXmPU0FvA
2:34 Mario Meets Speedrunner Mario’s Peach https://youtu.be/4QPVhoj2MKY
2:54 Peach Meets Speedrunner Mario’s Peach https://youtu.be/G_fPCjZr0Fg
3:14 Peach VS Speedrunner Mario https://youtu.be/PWUOkHR2QJU
3:32 Yoshi BECOMES Mario https://youtu.be/twP7w5fILW8
3:55 Mario Meets Snowman Peach https://youtu.be/cHsJL4mgWic
4:15 Mario and Peach’s Christmas Date https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sjlH2rCUxc
4:34 Mario and Peach Netflix and Chill https://youtu.be/zAnEYwyBns0
4:53 BOWSER GETS ANNOYED OF PEACH https://youtu.be/lG03XIF1eRw
5:13 When Luigi Is LEFT OUT https://youtu.be/Q98O-MjCzm0
5:32 Bowser Meets Paper Bowser https://youtu.be/7CJgpuPfQ5o
5:52 Peach REJECTS Mario and Bowser https://youtu.be/9Sy81AEQ7tE
6:11 Princess Peach Meets Link https://youtu.be/pbC4kSZ7D1E
6:30 Princess Peach Meets Princess Zelda https://youtu.be/fS3LMvN28uo
6:49 Speedrunner Link Meets Princess Peach https://youtu.be/UiHo_qpJ7K0
7:43 STOP MARIO ABUSE https://youtu.be/QydMlXwSTA4

► Compilation Credits
Title Screen Music - Badge Get - Paper Mario 64
Outro Music - Classique - YouTube Audio Library
Videos created by me aka Gabasonian

*Full credits are in each respective videos’ descriptions above

Hi, I’m Gabasonian. I’m a former DeviantArtist who has transitioned into YouTube. Back on DeviantArt I enjoyed making video game comics and fanart over my favorite Nintendo games, like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Super Smash Bros. On YouTube, I make various videos over the aforementioned Nintendo franchises. This is the 4th compilation of all the “funny” Mario shorts/Mario animations I have made so far. N-joy the randomness!

#Mario #MarioShorts #Gabasonian

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