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The Transgender Space Car Scam | Tales From the Bottle

Qxir investigates one of the most bizarre and fascinating automobile companies the world has ever seen.

"The Twentieth Century Motor Car Corporation was an automobile company started by con-artist Geraldine Elizabeth Carmichael, in 1974. The company's flagship vehicle was the Dale, a prototype three-wheeled two-seater sports car designed and built by Dale Clifft. It was touted as being powered by an 850 cc air-cooled engine and featuring 70 mpg‑US (3.4 L/100 km; 84 mpg‑imp) fuel economy and a $2,000 (in 1974 US dollars) price, which were popular specifications during the mid 1970s U.S. fuel crisis.

Carmichael claimed to be the widow of a NASA structural engineer, a farm girl from Indiana and mother of five. In reality, she had been wanted by the police since 1961 for alleged involvement in a counterfeiting operation. She had since changed her name, as she was a trans woman. The company would ultimately prove to be fraudulent when Carmichael went into hiding with investors' money."

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Видео The Transgender Space Car Scam | Tales From the Bottle канала Qxir
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