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Virtual Walking Tour in 4K 60fps - Cities of Tuscany - Trip to Italy - Top Italian Destinations

Welcome to the most beautiful region of Italy - Tuscany! Reminisce warm summer days with our 4-HOUR walking tour in 4K 60fps! Discover medieval historical cities full of art! Walk along ancient narrow paved streets that are full of colorful flowers! Watch the locals restaurants with nice terraces! Discover the unique charm of cities created by Italy's typical architecture. The local architecture of rich colors buildings with green shutters over classical windows will take your breath away! You will visit the main historical landmarks and enjoy the green endless scenery around the cities! Only in Tuscany, you will hear the crickets chirping instead of the city sounds! Isn't it amazing? Immerse yourself into a special calm atmosphere of cities! Adore the beauty of the mighty landscapes from the observe platforms! Get your inspiration from this amazing walking tour and never stop dreaming about visiting new exciting cities and counties. Stay connected to the world’s most beautiful places with 4K Urban Life!!!

Video From: Tuscany, Italy
Video Resolution: 4K 60fps
Equipment used: panasonic gh5
Video Type: walking tour
Filmmaker: Kostia Samusenko
Editor: Charu Chandra
Special THANKS to our professional filmmakers and editors for their fascinating, creative, hard and challenging work.

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Tuscany is a rich historical region full of old wonderful cities and picturesque villages. Behind a big cultural heritage, it also has fascinating landscapes of lush greenery and rolling hills. This region will surprise you by beautiful coastal areas, great world-popular sights and, of course, delicious authentic food. It has everything that needs the most demanding tourist: historical medieval sites, beautiful sceneries, Italy best wineries, and good weather! There are really many reasons to visit Tuscany. Let's discover the best cities of this region with us in 4K 60fps city walk!
Start your trip to the best destinations in Italy just now!

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Видео Virtual Walking Tour in 4K 60fps - Cities of Tuscany - Trip to Italy - Top Italian Destinations канала 4K Urban Life
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