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Watch Beat Rate Comparison 18,000, 21,600, 25,200, 28,800, 36,000, & Spring Drive (120 FPS)

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I think we all remember our first mechanical watch and marveling at the smooth sweep of the seconds hand. But how much do we really know about how that sweep takes place? In this video, we'll do a deep dive into beat rate or frequency, the source of the sweep, explaining the pros and cons of faster and slower beat rates while also exploring what's going on mechanically behind the dial. To illustrate the point, we will compare slow motion, 120 frames-per-second shots of watches representing the most common beat rates out there on the market as well as Grand Seiko's Spring Drive.

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0:00 - Intro and Overview
1:15 - Watch Beat Rate/Frequency Explained
4:46 - Pros and Cons of Faster & Slower Frequencies
7:05 - Overview of Featured Watches
8:07 - 18,000 VPH
9:47 - 21,600 VPH
10:36 - 25,200 VPH
11:59 - 28,800 VPH
12:36 - 36,000 VPH
13:21 - Grand Seiko Spring Drive

Видео Watch Beat Rate Comparison 18,000, 21,600, 25,200, 28,800, 36,000, & Spring Drive (120 FPS) канала Teddy Baldassarre
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