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Розбивка та форматування флешки у лінуксі


a toggle a bootable flag
b edit nested BSD disklabel
c toggle the dos compatibility flag

d delete a partition
F list free unpartitioned space
l list known partition types
n add a new partition
p print the partition table
t change a partition type
v verify the partition table
i print information about a partition

m print this menu
u change display/entry units
x extra functionality (experts only)

I load disk layout from sfdisk script file
O dump disk layout to sfdisk script file

Save & Exit
w write table to disk and exit
q quit without saving changes

Create a new label
g create a new empty GPT partition table
G create a new empty SGI (IRIX) partition table
o create a new empty DOS partition table
s create a new empty Sun partition table

Видео Розбивка та форматування флешки у лінуксі канала Alexander Gladun
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