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Biggest Single GOLD NUGGET Ever UNEARTHED on the Island || RECORD BREAKING!

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Gold Nugget Explorer Episode 17 (All Series Episodes Links Below)

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Episode Synopsis:

This episode covers Thea's best finds of the week, this is the first week after returning to the Rivers where natural water springs are abundant and clean.

Unlike near the volcanic crater, this area isn't much of a hassle to mine, only constant problem we keep on encountering is the flash floods.

Sometimes, it doesn't even rain in our area but a flash flood would suddenly ravish loads of water and boulders. This might be because of the almost constant rains in the higher surrounding mountains.

When this occurs, it is very dangerous to stay near the river, this also makes the rivers unexplorable for a day or two.

This week though, we got lucky with only few light rains here and there.

But the best thing this week, or probably ever on this island, is Thea's record-breaking finds on this episode.

It seems like the women in the team are highly favored by the river.

Some facts about us and the island:

Based on local folklore, the island is pretty much just a big active volcano that last erupted some 370 years ago. This is a fact and verified based on historical records.

But what remains a folklore is the story that the volcano slew some molten gold on its main outlet, together with what they called, the hardglass, which is believed to be diamonds by the prospectors.

This same story is known throughout the island and possibly the whole country. but very few believe this, and the government seems to be hiding this to harvest the gold ores after they get rid of the rebels.
Series Episodes Links.
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Team Update:
Zoey (Filipino) ~ Still at her home country (probably busy enjoying her finds). No updates for her return, although she still request for our footages for her version of the documentary series.

Thea (Ukrainian) ~ We both went back to the island together. Episode 4 will be pretty much Thea's since she pushed it to be early to show our best finds of the series.

Wendy (South African) ~ New girl on team. Has knowledge on refining the nuggets. Went home after her second expedition which she found a fist-size nugget.

Javier (Mexican) ~ An occasional colleague.

Robb (Trumplandia) ~ Just enjoying each and every second on the island. The narrator guy for episode 1, 3 and this episode 4


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Видео Biggest Single GOLD NUGGET Ever UNEARTHED on the Island || RECORD BREAKING! канала Golden Beard Media
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