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[4K] Cyberpunk Project - Minecraft Timelapse by Elysium Fire + DOWNLOAD

First, thank you so much for the 100k subscribers, this video wasn't intended for celebrating this but fate has decided otherwise. Enjoy !

It is 2077, and humanity is causing the world to suffer an unprecedented peak of pollution. It must face a new environment destroyed by an insatiable appetite for overconsumption.
To survive, our kind had to make major ecological decisions, which it could never have foreseen in the past, but which have now become a reality.
Discover this city that was built on the forgotten remains of the 21th century, with its megastructures splitting the skies, built chaotically one on top of the other.
You will see its industrial zone that sorts its waste, its purification facility as well as its wind farms coupled with a revolutionary transformer that amplifies this unlimited source of energy.
Stroll through the port that receives enough food to feed the huge population of this city that could not otherwise provide for itself.
In exchange, it provides cutting-edge technology and exports its know-how.
Admire all these lighting effects generated by the many billboards and holograms that overlook the skyscrapers.
This map is strongly inspired by the city of Night City, from the game Cyberpunk 2077 of CD Projekt. This map is in no way a copy or an identical reproduction of the Cyberpunk 2077 version, just an inspiration.
Stay tuned on Twitter : http://twitter.com/elysiumfire
Support us on Utip : https://utip.io/elysiumfire
DOWNLOAD + PMC : https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/cyberpunk-project-timelapse/


The Cyberpunk project is made available free of charge therefore it is not a for-profit project.

We prohibit any reupload of the map, you cannot post a video filmed on the Cyberpunk map without our agreement.
We prohibit the use of the map on any public server.

The map is heavy, risk of crash for java edition.

There are 3 versions of the map: the original 1.12.2 version, the 1.14 version and a bedrock edition version.

There is no texture pack, the shader used is BSL_Standard_v6.2, we do not give the shader modifications.

The team Elysium Fire Thank you for your support and remind you that our project is a free download and we demand respect for our work.
Contact : elysiumfire.contact@gmail.com

Видео [4K] Cyberpunk Project - Minecraft Timelapse by Elysium Fire + DOWNLOAD канала Elysium Fire
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