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Elon Musk's Important Announcements at Tesla Giga Berlin

Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited the construction site of the new Tesla plant in Grünheide on his visit to Germany on Thursday. There he praised the Giga Berlin's construction progress and announced new innovations for the location. Here is the full interview of Elon Musk at Tesla Giga Berlin thanks to our friend Tobias Lindh.

There has been speculation about this visit in Brandenburg for days: On Thursday Elon Musk looked at the site of the future Giga Berlin for the first. According to RBB 24 the company founder arrived at the site around noon in a black electric limousine. There he was already expected by camera teams and onlookers. Opponents of the project were - unlike on Wednesday - not on site.

In a short statement, Musk praised the rapid construction progress and the business location in general: "Germany rocks", he said and called the new facilities "the most environmentally friendly factory in the world".

For the coming years, he not only promised battery cell production at the site. Engineering services and design development are to be promoted there soon. Musk also announced an entirely new propulsion technology - "a big thing," as he said. One is planning "a radical redesign for the core technologies of the automobile industry," said Musk. At a so-called "Battery Day" in September, he will be able to say more precisely what new technologies are being developed in Grünheide for the central control unit in cars. Many new jobs would soon be created at the location.

Then Musk began a tour of the site and spoke to the responsible planning office and the construction companies. It is said to have primarily been about the prefabricated construction used on the construction site.

Musk also responded to the criticism of citizens' initiatives: The water problems are solvable, after all, compared to California, Brandenburg is not a dry area.

Listen to the full interview of Elon Musk with the media at Giga Berlin in this report.


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