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I Lost 160 Pounds Because Of My Twin Sister

I’ve lost 160 pounds in the last two years and now I look like this. It wasn’t easy at all. There were many obstacles I had to overcome. Unfortunately, one of them was my twin sister Summer. I’m going to tell my story from the beginning and hope it will inspire anyone who wants to lose weight. Like many things, losing weight starts in the mind. If you start without convincing your mind, it finds a way to trick you. So you can’t continue the diet. My suggestion for people like me is to think about all the reasons why they need to lose weight and make a list of them in a notebook. Don’t start before you’re completely convinced. I still can’t believe I lost 160 pounds. When I started the diet, I was 275 pounds. Now I’m 115 pounds. I wanted to lose weight healthily so I did in two years.

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