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Gold mines in Goldfield, Nevada (SCARY DEEP) 20 mines found!!!

Filmed on 3-11-17. Sorry, but the first, and last part of the video got ruined. I dropped my camera, and broke it. Sean, and I take you through Goldfield mining district. This is just a fraction of the abandoned mines in Goldfield. Though some of the largest, and biggest producer's of gold in the world. We take right up close, and show you how close they are to each other. In 1906 Goldfield, Nevada had a population of around 30,000 residents. It was the most populated city in Nevada at the time. They were going to move the capital of Nevada to Goldfield. As the gold dwindled away so did the thought of making Goldfield the capital. Please enjoy, and thanks for watching. Christian

Видео Gold mines in Goldfield, Nevada (SCARY DEEP) 20 mines found!!! канала ADVENTURES with Christian
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