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The Skye Boat Song | Highland Saga | performed by Ella Roberts | [Official Video]

The Skye Boat Song (Original Lyrics Version)

A very famous song from the Scottish song tradition, depicting the journey of Bonnie Prince Charlie from Benbecula to the Isle of Skye, where he fled to escape the English army after being defeated at the battle of Culloden in 1746. A song of bitter loss and despair, which still manages to find a ray of hope in the fact that Charlie escaped and will “rise again”.
This is a version with the original Lyrics performed by Ella Roberts for the Highland Saga Show.

The singer Ella Roberts is a native of Australia with Celtic roots. A few years ago she traced her Scottish and Irish ancestors back to the Highlands and discovered her passion for Celtic music and song.

Skye Boat Song (Original Lyrics)

Ella Roberts for Highland Saga feat. Pipers Of The World

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Видео The Skye Boat Song | Highland Saga | performed by Ella Roberts | [Official Video] канала Highland Saga
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