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Canon Rock 2020 [Classic Rock Edition]

I started guitar on October 29, 2008. My uncle showed me a YouTube video of this guy by the name of "funtwo" playing a rock version of Pachelbel's Canon. My obsession with the video inspired me to pick up the guitar. I wanted to play like that!

Just for nostalgia I decided to cover this great piece again in 2020. My goal wasn't to change anything, but upload a better cover than in 2011.

Modded Backing Track for this Cover:

Original Jerry C Backing Track:

Video that started it all (original upload by "guitar90"):

Canon Rock on Funtwo's channel:

Canon Rock (JerryC - the arranger):

My Canon Rock 2011:
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Видео Canon Rock 2020 [Classic Rock Edition] канала Brandon Burch
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