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Dogfight F 15 vs Su 30

APG-63(V)2 has a tracking range of about 5nm/9km longer than the N011M BARS
The advantage in radar range is not significant but the F-15C’s AESA frequency agile radar is more jam resistant. Unfortunately, AIM-120D missiles are not and armament is the F-15C’s biggest shortcoming in this comparison;
The Su-30SM or Su-30MKI both carry high power output ECM suites that can operate at distances from which the APG-63 can provide tracking information and attain a lock on the Flankers, and multi pulse DRFM jamming can also render the AMRAAM's useless from long distance.
The AN/ALQ-135 ECM fitted to the F-15C on the other hand lacks range to do much against the N011M BARS radar and does not have necessary components for DRFM attack. US aircraft fitted AN/ALQ-167 DRFM capable ECM are: A-6E, EA-6A, EA-6B, EP-3J, F-14A/B, F/A-18A-D, EC-24A, and NKC-135 (surprisingly not F-15 and F-22 although they are large enough).
This makes the F-15C more vulnerable to active or semi radar homing missiles, relying on chaff and evasive maneuvers to defeat them. The Su-30SM/MKI also have significant advantage in missile kinematic range and firepower to be exploited.
As others said, pilot skill and experience as well as unit cohesion between squadron members and ground control is more detrimental especially when the hardware are closely matched, at least in beyond visual range engagement in this case. Both the Su-30MKI and Su-30SM have a crew of two which is a strategic and tactical advantage, the workload is divided. Of course the crew of the F-15C would also work as a team, but team work can go further with the Flankers.
The F-15’s reported record of no losses to air-to-air combat is circumstantial, the opposing pilots were usually poorly trained and their ill maintained aircraft were prone to failures. The aircraft’s dogfight performance is also not as stellar as it’s radar has been throughout much of it’s operational history.
As the simulated dogfight exercises demonstrate, the Flanker is inherently more maneuverable than the F-15. 
There are some ‘Su-30’ variants which are not combat ready. The Su-30M2 for example is a trainer with avionics not designed for combat. But the most capable among them are the Russian Su-30SM two seat multi role fighter and Indian Su-30MKI with Western built ECM. India operates MICA and Meteor missiles and are reportedly trying to develop ways to use them on the Su-30MKI.

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