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Nat King Cole "O Tannenbaum" (1960) HQ Audio

#Nat_King_Cole - #O_#Tannenbaum is track 4 from the original 1960 Album titled (The Magic of Christmas).

In 1961, Nat recorded a Stereo Version of "The Christmas Song" and Capitol Records released the popular song as a Single in 1962.

In 1963, Capitol Records combined the 1962 stereo remake of "The Christmas Song" with the bulk of the original 1960 album (minus God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman) and renamed the album, surprisingly enough, (The Christmas Song). This 14 song compilation would remain Nat's staple Christmas album for decades to come.

In 1967, Capitol Records re-recorded the entire 14 Song Compilation IN STEREO, and Re-released on Vinyl LP.

In 1986, Capitol Records re-Mastered the 14 Song Stereo Compilation, and released in Standard Quality CD Format.

In 1999, Capitol Records expanded the 14 Song Compilation to 20 Songs and released a (24 Bit Digitally Re-Mastered) version in HQ CD Format.

In 2015, Audio Fidelity Records was authorized to re-Master the original 14 Song Compilation in Hybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels) format.

The current Audio Quality of this upload originated from the Standard Audio Quality CD, which I purchased in 1986. As usual, I applied my Custom EQ Settings, and upgraded to Lame Insane 320kb Digital Media MP3 Audio format.

Видео Nat King Cole "O Tannenbaum" (1960) HQ Audio канала AVaffair11
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