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Metal Detecting And Exploring An English Woodlot

Metal detecting and exploring a woodlot in England is on tap for tonight. This video was shot earlier this year while I was working on a project in the U.K. and on this day, I had some time off and was able to explore and search with my metal detector an old woods deep in the English countryside. I find some interesting artifacts to include an old coin and some relics of WW2.

About Aquachigger:
I enjoy metal detecting for historical items like gold coins, relics, silver coins, and other buried treasures. I also metal detect for gold and silver nuggets and even meteorites. I like to make videos that promote my choice of lifestyle that includes outdoor adventure, metal detecting, yapping, searching for river treasure, SCUBA diving, exploring abandoned places, hiking, caving, caring for animals and pets, and observing the things outdoors that often go unnoticed by most people who are not familiar with outdoor adventures and nature. I keep my Youtube "Aquachigger" channel family-friendly and hope you subscribe if you like my style.
BTW, you can also catch me here, https://www.facebook.com/chiggsarmy/ but I may get a little edgier there. FB isn't a place for kids anyway...lol.

Affiliate links to see and purchase the gear I use:
General Gear: http://bit.ly/MetalDetectorsAndMOAR
T-Shirts: https://www.bonfire.com/store/aquachigger/
Garrett Metal Detectors: http://bit.ly/ChiggsGarrettDetectorsChigg's Army Hats: https://aquachigger.com/

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Metal Detecting And Exploring An English Woodlot

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Видео Metal Detecting And Exploring An English Woodlot канала Aquachigger
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22 декабря 2020 г. 4:07:25