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My son's First Premier Performance - Master Pravin Pundit disciple of Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnanan.

Guruji speech about prodigy
Creation is God's glory; Creating is God's essence!! God exposes his artistic genius and benevolence through his many creations.
Many of them go un-noticed. Some wade through their way and reach the zenith, and chosen few get there by divine Grace and a dedicated Guru!! All my life, I have been fortunate to perceive this genius and brilliance, irrespective of caste, grade, religion and nationalities and help them carve a niche in the musical world.
In those times there was no special merit attached for a prodigy. Sheer talent and incredible performing abilities got them recognition. l knew my mettle but had to wade through. So l made it my mission to look for extraordinary talents, groom them and present them on the global arena – and many of them are already there! I have always looked around for such prodigies and I am never disappointed.
Today, l am yet again proud to present one more prodigy CHI.PRAVEEN PUNDIT (10 yrs) on Karnatic Saxophone.

Sri Kumaraswamy and Asha of Shivamogga in Karnataka ,brought him to my Academy ( TVGAIMA) to learn Carnatic vocal when he was just above 5 years. As I watched this tiny tot, I was astounded by his love for Saxophone and his seriousness, commitment and energy to learn. I adopted him as a prodigy scholar in AIMA in the “Art of Performance Project” a scheme which was appreciated and sponsored by eminent saviour of classical music Dr. Nalli Kuppuswami Chetty. I also sent him to Sri. A.Abdul Sattar, to know the real feel of the Western sax and its unique techniques . Pravin also scored record break marks in the grade 3 Trinity college London exams.
Today after 4 years of intensive training, I am immensely proud to present Pravin Pundit on the great arena of Karnatic music to perform his maiden concert. This would not have been possible without the full cooperation and diligence of Pravin’s parents who gave him the attention, affection, time and patience to make him practice to perfection and also achieve my goal of presenting one more great performer in the music world.
All my blessings to my pet Pravin to take the world by storm with the power of our Indian Music !

Видео My son's First Premier Performance - Master Pravin Pundit disciple of Dr.T.V.Gopalakrishnanan. канала Saxophone Kumarasamy
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