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Everything YOU NEED to know before coming to NYC | 20 LOCAL TIPS 🗽

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This video is a must-watch for first-time visitors! I share 20 things you need to know before visiting New York. We cover it all so stay tuned until the end. If you watch any video about NYC, let this be it!

Join my in-person tours: https://funkyexperiences.com/
Funky Vacation Planning: https://sarahfunky.com/nyc-concierge/

00:00 - Who am I
00:55 - Watch out for scams
1:57 - Where to stay
2:38 - When to visit
3:43 - Safety
4:41 - Do this
6:41 - Skip this
8:26 - Go on a tour
8:53 - Subscribe
9:22 - What to budget
10:31 - Tipping
11:14 - Video and photo tip
12:36 - Budget tip
13:17 - What to wear
14:04 - Don't stop in the middle of the sidewalk
14:33 - NYer's aren't mean
15:10 - Explore outer boroughs
15:25 - Don't exchange your money
15:58 - Bathrooms
16:48 - How to get around
17:29 - Limited accessibility

Worst scams - https://youtu.be/lkcKKsNt38s
How to plan your day with Broadway: https://youtu.be/f2U5mAVi6jY
Free 3-day itinerary: https://invite.bublup.com/-Tof5joJelG1
What to wear: https://youtu.be/upezBmFwhxs
5 Borough Guides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRqQ5stHrsM&list=PLobgjLLYZFSXe67zs-K6RNQ0DyHTBr54C
Accessibility in NYC: https://youtu.be/ElHXz8aE9Ss

Видео Everything YOU NEED to know before coming to NYC | 20 LOCAL TIPS 🗽 канала Sarah Funk
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