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What Could Go Wrong! Fails Compilation 2020

It's Thursday, which means it's time for our weekly round up of classic clips! Today we have a man making the best entrance possible, a mishap with a BMX bike, and so much more! Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite clip!!

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Guy Fails to Cross Bridge While Boating https://goo.gl/NCICw4
Guy Does Box Jump and Falls https://goo.gl/rQGV99
Biker Face Plants and Loses Front Wheel https://goo.gl/8czLf6
Woman Drops Potato Gun https://goo.gl/ycfa0l
Guy Falls Off Snow Raft https://goo.gl/xhKB6n
Guy Falls Hard While Performing Skate Trick https://goo.gl/XAlWHn
Guy Drives Away With Gas Pump Still Attached https://goo.gl/GLdb6q
Girls Walk Across Branch and Fall Off https://goo.gl/RcJ7M2
Skier Flies Down Steep Mountain Then Falls https://goo.gl/lGdm31
Guy Falls Into Pool While Moving a Gas Tank https://goo.gl/iYElVj
Guy Drives in Wrong Direction of Drive Thru https://goo.gl/I4khWO
Skier Face Plants Into the Snow https://goo.gl/1xdsDp
Girl Fails Trying to Backflip into Water https://goo.gl/qzmUFW
Drone Crashes Into Road https://goo.gl/sxWFEp
Girl Shoots Coin From Mouth to Glass https://goo.gl/1rwCcH
Guy Slips on Ice and Drops Packages https://goo.gl/b9n0YW
Man Throws Up After Proposing on Airplane https://goo.gl/wNkzQK
Great Grandson Teaches Great Grandmother How to Scooter https://goo.gl/fimYDv
Man Pushes Friends Golf Pull Cart into Pond https://goo.gl/EXq1kp
Girl Slips in the Kitchen While Dancing https://goo.gl/L3332S
Guys Riding on Airboard Collide https://goo.gl/Fc01fC
Guy Tries Trick On Treadmill and Falls https://goo.gl/PLvvHp
Girl Sitting on Top of Goal Gets Hit https://goo.gl/gdD8TY
Guy Shoots Hockey Puck and Breaks Mirror https://goo.gl/IwDMWI
Car Begins Moving While Being Worked On https://goo.gl/YlCgs5
Guy Fails Trying to Grind with Shoes https://goo.gl/HXNTzN
Kid Gets Nut Shot on Pool Rim https://goo.gl/b1Lp4K
Unicyclist Shows Off Frequent Fails https://goo.gl/IXYzPe
BMX Rider Bails and Gets Hit in Head With Bike https://goo.gl/XlrLO2
Guy Jumps Over Rails and Falls https://goo.gl/WCTQCQ
Guy Screams During Eyebrow Waxing https://goo.gl/GoRUVB
Girl Puts on Dog Shock Collar https://goo.gl/oUNxdV
Skier Wipes out after Huge Jump and Loses Skis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugD-qfhSAvE
Guy Falls While Rollerblading Down Stairs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpuUc7ICwDU
Girl Flips Pancake Onto Face https://goo.gl/tvG9Wq
Guy Slips off Edge of Canyon and Into Water https://goo.gl/fCbvPo
Guy's Head Gets Stuck Between Train Doors https://goo.gl/NtEXSc
Guy Doesn't Land in Foam Pit https://goo.gl/HC1yDr
Guy Falls Through Ceiling https://goo.gl/ZmWFtM
Guy Lights Cigarette With Nose and Catches Hair on Fire https://goo.gl/DkZq9T
Kid Falls While Playing Virtual Reality https://goo.gl/7iqgVM
Guys Use Plastic Wrap as Trampoline https://goo.gl/cBRNV9
Cheerleader Accidentally Kicks Guy in Face https://goo.gl/82sLQQ
Girl Falls Off High Bar https://goo.gl/C2Rxn1
Horse Runs Wild and Unseats Rider https://goo.gl/pJ77Wo
Girl Trips onto Walkway https://goo.gl/Fe4Q7C
Guy Gets Hit in Nuts by Paintball Gun https://goo.gl/MNPcfV

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