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15 German brands YOU pronounce WRONG! | German Girl in America

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Adidas, Haribo, Porsche, Nivea, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Aldi, Jägermeister, aaaaand so on. There are so many German brands that are popular all over the world - which is awesome but it also means that people pronounce these brands very differently in different places. So, for those of you who don't want to mispronounce these brands any longer and would like to know how to pronounce them CORRECTLY, I made a list of 15 German brands and I'm telling you what the authentic, German pronunciation is and I'm also sharing some interesting background information about these companies!

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ABOUT ME: Hallo, Servus, and welcome to my channel! My name is Felicia (Feli), I'm 26, and I'm a German living in the USA! I was born and raised in Munich, Germany but have been living in Cincinnati, Ohio off and on since 2016. I first came here for an exchange semester during my undergrad at LMU Munich, then I returned for an internship, and then I got my master's degree in Cincinnati. I was lucky enough to win the Green Card lottery and have been a permanent resident since 2019! In my videos, I talk about cultural differences between America and Germany, things I like and dislike about living here, and other experiences that I have made during my time in the States. Let me know what YOU would like to hear about in the comments below. DANKE :)
0:00 Intro
0:43 Wrist Update
1:49 Skillshare
3:43 Audi
4:28 Porsche
5:10 Mercedes-Benz
6:15 BMW
7:43 Volkswagen (VW)
8:29 Adidas
9:37 Birkenstock
10:11 Jägermeister
10:39 Aldi
11:53 Nivea
12:18 Schwarzkopf
12:38 Deutsche Bank
13:17 Miele
13:49 Haribo
14:22 Lufthansa
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Видео 15 German brands YOU pronounce WRONG! | German Girl in America канала German Girl in America
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