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I became a RAID BOSS in Mario Party...

Mario Party RAID BOSS Challenge where 1 player starts with 5 stars and the other 3 try to make the Raid Boss end in last place. I tried being the Raid Boss after TCNick3's attempt, let's see if I can win this...

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Perfect Rotation song in Snow Whirled by Amanda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt_0Uqu4Leg

Thanks to Football Head for the thumbnail: https://twitter.com/Football_Head2

Preparations Theme - Fire Emblem Engage
Preparations Theme - Fire Emblem Awakening
Doomsday Zone - Sonic 3 and Knuckles
Slithering Cold (Enemy Phase Theme 2) - Fire Emblem Engage
Goddess in Shadow (Frenzy) - Fire Emblem Engage
Losing Results - Mario Kart Double Dash

#doitagain #marioparty #kingofskill

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22 мая 2023 г. 1:32:59