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Fallen - Sierra Soetedjo (The Most Romantic Jazz Song)

The Most Romantic Jazz Song
Fallen by Sierra Soetedjo
Original by Lauren Wood
OST Pretty Woman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Amanda Sierra Soetedjo or better known as the popular Sierra, born in Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, precisely he was born on June 26, 1984. Sierra is one of the jazz singer from Indonesia who has the blood of Chinese-Indonesian descent. He was known as a talented female singer who like the flow of jazz and blues.
Source of information: http://celeprof.blogspot.co.id/2016/12/biography-sierra-soetedjo.html

Lyrics : Fallen

I can't believe it
You're a dream coming true
I can't believe how
I have fallen for you

And I was not looking
Was content to remain
And it's ironic to be
Back in the game

You are the one
Who's led me to the sun
How could I know
That I was lost without you

And I want to tell you
You control my brain
And you should know that
You are life in my vein

Видео Fallen - Sierra Soetedjo (The Most Romantic Jazz Song) канала Cerita Monokrom
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