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Mississippi - Pussycat - Instrumental cover by Dave Monk

"Mississippi" was a popular single by Dutch group Pussycat which consisted of three sisters Betty, Marianne and Toni Kowalczyk of which Toni (now Toni Willé) was the lead vocalist. The song was the sole number one single for Pussycat.
Werner Theunissen wrote "Mississippi" in 1969 being inspired by the Bee Gees song "Massachusetts".
By December 1975, the song became a massive hit seller at the number one position in the Dutch charts, followed by its international success. It is estimated to have sold five million copies worldwide.
WayneL92 requested this wonderful, happy tune.
So, here is my version. I hope you like it. Dave and Dave
p.s. I found the backing track here...

Видео Mississippi - Pussycat - Instrumental cover by Dave Monk канала OldGuitarMonkey
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