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Babylon - The Fall of the Richest City of All Time!

4,000 years ago there was a powerful, progressive, and incredibly wealthy city. It developed into one of the greatest cities in the world. The streets were paved, numerous gates led into the walled city that had over 250 towers that were at least 100 meters high. This is where modern writing and mathematics were invented. Ferries, roads, and drawbridges ensured efficient transport, and the mythical Hanging Gardens were a feat of engineering and were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The city's wealth was unimaginable. The people created impressive works of art out of gold, there was a golden image of Baal, a beautiful table that was supposedly made of 22,000 kilos of pure gold, with a golden lion and a golden statue of Man. The majestic Royal Palace was the largest ever built in world history.

Babylon used to exist in what is now modern-day Iraq. Everyone has heard of Babylon, or at least of the tallest tower in the world at that time, known as the Tower of Babel.

But how did the incredible rise and dramatic fall of Babylon and the Babylonian Empire come about?


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