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“SON OF A WITCH” | DARK SWAMP BLUES on the Dobro Duolian Resonator Guitar

There's something dark and eerie about the tone of this old Dobro Duolian resonator... it always sounds like it was just pulled out of the swamp. I picked it up today, and started a slow rhythm on the bass string, with my foot tapping on a tambourine, and this melody began to snake it's way out. Most of the time when I am writing new songs, all it takes is grabbing the right guitar for the moment, and listening to it until the song comes out.

When I recorded this, I set one mic up to capture the acoustic sound of the resonator and the tambourine on the floor, and then ran a direct signal from the guitar into my recorder. In Protools, I used the Tonality Howard Benson Plugin Suite from STL Tones to get the reverb, delay, and amp tones that really set the mood off and give the song the final tonal magic it was looking for.
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Open D Minor: D-A-D-F-A-D
• Dobro Duolian Resonator Guitar
• Justin Johnson Signature Ceramic Guitar Slide: https://www.justinjohnsonstore.com
• Tonality Howard Benson Plugin Suite from STL Tones

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Видео “SON OF A WITCH” | DARK SWAMP BLUES on the Dobro Duolian Resonator Guitar канала Justin Johnson
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