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Oilpainting Caravaggio Technique Timelapse Old Man

A little painting exercise. It´s part of Caravaggios painting "Supper at Emmaus" from 1601. The original is located in the National Gallery in London.
Here you can see a classical way of oilpainting. Beginning with white on a coloured ground, forming the face and hand. A second layer of white to create more structure, roundness and highlights. If necessary a third layer of white highlights.
The colours, like the skintones, are made in glazes. You can also paint it more opaque, depending on your personal preference.
It´s a simple and effective way to build up your painting.

Wish you all good luck and success with your paintings!
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Видео Oilpainting Caravaggio Technique Timelapse Old Man канала Old Master Paintings
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