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180 VR Life Footage Gypsy Style Dancing

#180 #VR #Dance
If you have a VR headset (virtual reality) OculusGo, OculusQuest, SamsungGear or GoogleCardboard, you can watch this event and it feels like you are at the festival

Zorba Gypsy Festival
180 3D VR Videos
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SHAKSHUKA (Byron Shire)
Local Gypsy Sensation ! Contagiously danceable 6 piece band of pure joy singing and playing Gypsy music, Middle Eastern, Hebrew, Greek and more... All in a soulful and high energy dancing music.

Contagiously Danceable Duo! fresh from Woodford..! They’ve toured extensively performing at festivals including Glastonbury (UK), Boomtown (UK) and Fusion Festival (Germany), ArtsWells (Canada), Katuaq (Greenland), Falls Festival (Aus) and Luminate (NZ). Dreamy and danceable modern fusion of Gypsy violin melodies with fx, drum kit and groovy bass lines.

Oud player, Gypsy Guitarist and Singer. Shai brings to the stage the essence emotional and joyful music. Composer of world music and collecting music from around the world, Shai brings a wide variety of fusion to the stage. At the Zorba he plays the music from the Beduin tribes of the Sinai Desserts in Egypt. Accompanied by Avishai Bar Natan (Ney) and Yoav Mashiah (Dumbek). Shai has performed Internationally with his project and many different artists.

MURRAY KYLE (Byron Shire)
Byron Bay Hinterland's renowned song master, Murray has weaved the sound track of the Byron Shire for more than a decade. Touring internationally and sharing our positive messages with his beautiful sound and voice.

Shares her Belly Dance with beauty and grace. With years of experience and performances all over the world she developed a unique fusion of flow arts and bellydance.
Rachel’s pure love for dance truly emanates through her when she performs, whoever she may be performing for. Her style is graceful and smooth, combining lively & heartfelt expression and joy into her stage performance.
Rachel truly believes that self expression is the highest priority with any form of dance & for her, that is the most important goal in her own journey as a dancer and performer.

An established & experienced DJ & facilitator who discovered
a deep connection to music during her long career
inside the music industry both in Australia & New Zealand.
RIA is an embodiment devotee and woman on a mission liberate souls.
With nearly 20 years behind the decks, she’s a DJ veteran weaving music to melt to moods with an alchemical nature.
RIA’s music invokes transformation, raises vibrations and weaves together a melting pot of global cultures rewiring, and re-inspiring a sacred return to our ancient origins

Видео 180 VR Life Footage Gypsy Style Dancing канала Cynthia Cabello 360 VR Life Footage
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