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10 Times Kylie Jenner Copied Rihanna's Fashion

Kylie Jenner Takes Inspiration From Fashion Icon Rihanna More Than Once.
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Rihanna is known as one of Hollywood’s biggest music and fashion icons, so it’s no wonder that more than one or two celebrities have copied her looks over the years. After dominating the music game, she has now made her way into the fashion and beauty industry and managed to leave a mark by building her own makeup line, Fenty, as well as a lingerie line called Savage X Fenty. And it’s definitely savage being one of the few lingerie lines that are size inclusive. But, what Rihanna does best is she exudes style and confidence wherever she goes! She’s got everyone trying to be just like Riri her. Kylie Jenner is definitely one of those celebs. Over the years, Kylie hasn’t been super subtle about using Rihanna as an inspiration for her fashion choices. It’s come to the point now that fans lash out at Kylie for straight up stealing Rihanna’s looks.

Now we know Kylie is the QUEEN of different wigs in different colors, and Rihanna is too. Her outfit choices go one step further as Kylie’s been seen wearing the exact same outfit, and just adding a color change to it. But, that’s not ALL the tea we have on the youngest Jenner copying Rihanna’s style.

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