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Shocking Ladies with The Sound of Silence Piano "You're Twelve?!?!" Cole Lam 12 Years Old

[EDIT: To hear this on a wonderful public grand piano - go to this: https://youtu.be/33_Sh-AZvlA - it's a Yamaha S6 grand, and the rumbling bass is amazing, and adds so much to the tone of the song]
Are you allowed to have many favourite songs? This has become another of my favourites - The Sound of Silence, the original version by Simon and Garfunkel. There is a more modern cover by Disturbed https://youtu.be/u9Dg-g7t2l4 which is in a different style, more heavy and dark, with the original more soulful. The Disturbed one is also much more orchestral as well which fits the song and their amazing music video. I love how songs that were written years ago can still mean so much today.

My arrangement is a bit of a mix of both with a lightness from Simon and Garfunkel and "darkness" from the Disturbed version.

Oh - I think this is the first time you actually hear my dad in one of the videos? Oh no, it's the second time - do you know the first?

The ladies really enjoyed it and were shocked that I was 12 - I ha a nice chat with them. Also, a little bit of people watching - the lady with the red beret walking by, and must have walked behind the lift and came round the other side to watch me!

#SoundofSilence #SimonGarfunkel #Disturbed #SimonAndGarfunkel #TheSoundOfSilence
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Видео Shocking Ladies with The Sound of Silence Piano "You're Twelve?!?!" Cole Lam 12 Years Old канала Cole Lam
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