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Canva Tutorial: Design Graphics FASTER With These Canva Beginner Tips & Tricks

In this Canva tutorial I share Canva tips and tricks for beginners. I also show how to use 2020 Canva keyboard shortcuts. If you're using Canva to design graphics for your online business, you'll need these Canva tips and tricks to create graphics faster. These Canva hacks will help you copy design styles fast, easily edit text, and improve your graphic design skills. If you're ready to use Canva like a pro watch this.

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🎬 Video Time Stamps
0:09 How To Copy & Paste Design Styles In Canva
3:04 Perfectly Align Canva Images, Text, Shapes, etc.
5:06 Two Ways To Quickly Make Your Text All Caps
6:09 Zoom In On Your Canva Design (Shortcut)
7:25 Lock/Unlock Elements Into Place
8:56 Duplicate Page To Experiment With Design Layout

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