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Виктор Цой - Звезда по имени солнце

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----------------------------English lyrics-------------
White snow and black ice
On the cracked earth.
As a patchwork blanket lays on it -
And this city is in the road loop.
Floating clouds over the city,
Closing the heavenly light.
Over the town - yellow smoke
And the city two thousand years old,

Lived under the light of a star named the Sun

And for two thousand years there is war,
War without special reasons.
War is a matter of the young,
İt's medicine against wrinkles.
The red, red blood -
In an hour is simply earth,
And after two on it is flowers and grass,
And after three it is alive again

And warmed by the rays of star called the Sun

And we know that it has always been,
That the fate would like special ones,
Those who lives by the other rules and laws ,
And who were born to die young.
He did not know the words "yes" and "no"
He did not know the orders and ranks,
And he was able to reach the stars,
He did not think it was a dream.

And he fell scorched by a star called Sun....

P.S.Translated by Gulnaz Namazova.

Видео Виктор Цой - Звезда по имени солнце канала Mykola Monastyrskyi
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