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Tractor/Truck Pulling Fails/Breakage Compilation 2019

Tractor/Truck Pulling Fails/Breakage Compilation 2019

In the world of truck and tractor pulling things don't always go as planned. Fails and Breakage are inevitable in this form of motorsport. This year we saw many thrills and spills. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured at any shows that I filmed. It's become a yearly tradition for me to put together a special video, dedicated to showcasing what happens, when pulling goes wrong. I present to you the 2019 edition of Tractor/Truck Pulling Fails/Breakage Compilation!! Thanks for all your support this year! Enjoy the video.

Video clips from NTPA, WMPullers, PPL, MICHINDOH, OSTPA and more from my recordings this year.

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Check out the full tractor/truck pulling playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFvH07zdDKM&list=PL9DbL1oEG77GVJWVCdgocD-9U8bq2UyMs

Видео Tractor/Truck Pulling Fails/Breakage Compilation 2019 канала Charles Russell
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6 ноября 2019 г. 3:40:28