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Can you fit a whole game into a QR code?

In my headcanon, Hannah Montana was a brilliant x86 assembly programmer on the down low. Hey you never know, leading double lives was her specialty right?

▶Try it yourself: https://itsmattkc.com/etc/snakeqr/

For those asking, yes I submitted my patch to ZBar and it has now been merged into master: https://github.com/mchehab/zbar/commit/5bc323849569a629aa0d187074a9644dde678c12

▶Features the following videos

"Boot Sector Games" - The 8-Bit Guy

"Nintendo's big mistake that made Super Mario 64 super slow" - MattKC

"Intense Hacking!" - MemeManTV

▶Features the following 1K demos

"Searching for the silver lining" by Seven

"Escape through subspace 1K" by Seven/Fulcrum

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Видео Can you fit a whole game into a QR code? канала MattKC
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