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The DARK Film Iceberg Explained

Y'all asked for it so I delivered. A compilations of the topics I had plans to put into the original iceberg but were cut for one reason or another. Heavy topics are discussed so viewer discretion advised.


Blue is the Warmest color video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA3jYpLvqVg

0:00 Intro

Level 1
1:00 CH/BL are documentaries
1:40 Suicidal Lemmings
2:24 Obey the Walrus
3:31 Atuk Curse
4:45 All the Money in the World reshoots

Level 2
6:00 Blue is the Warmest Color
7:05 Children of Loneliness
7:56 Ferris Bueller’s pedophile actor
8:45 Real Murderer in The Exorcist
9:50 Heartbeat in the Brain

Level 3
10:48 The Skywayman
12:19 The Crow death scene
13:33 Shark! attack
14:15 Marilyn Monroe
15:31 The Twilight Zone accident

Level 4
17:06 Random Task
18:13 Noah’s Ark accident
18:59 Conqueror cancer controversy
20:01 Victor Salva

Level 5
20:55 Shirley Temple
22:28 Midnight Rider train accident
23:37 Cannonball Run accident
25:20 Milo and Otis
28:14 Outro

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