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Testing the WEIRDEST 5 Minute Crafts Clothing Hacks

5 minute crafts might be the weirdest channel ever... these diy clothing hacks are some of the most dumb 5 minute crafts and diy projects ever! I've tried style hacks and hacks for girls fashion that actually help, but these awful diys and awful life hacks are helping NO ONE!

This video was inspired by these other amazing creators!
Jarvis Johnson https://youtu.be/7Urgvf8d2PA
LaurDIY https://youtu.be/v3hjOdA_inQ
Jenna Marbles https://youtu.be/2McDQu5UQpk

❤ This video was edited by Rachel Resnick!

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Testing the WEIRDEST 5 Minute Crafts Clothing Hacks

Sierra Schultzzie

Видео Testing the WEIRDEST 5 Minute Crafts Clothing Hacks канала Sierra Schultzzie
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