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Inside a GHOST TOWN of Abandoned Disney Castles

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This is Burj al Babas, a ghost town of abandoned Disney castles in Turkey. A $200 Million dollar Village falling to pieces. It's a development project gone wrong.

Starting in the 2014, the ideas was to build 732 Renaissance Style Villas to appeal to rich investors in the Middle East. Originally 350 of the 587 kitsch villas were bought in the first phase. At 500,000 Dollars each (400,000 Euro), these investors were buying into a fantasy life, a Disney Land perfect paradise. Each home with a jacuzzi on each floor, an elevator, and a thermal spa. The complex housing 3 lakes, a shopping mall, mosque, pool, and golf course. The first tenants were expected summer 2020. It sounded too good to be true...

It was. Enter the Turkish real estate crisis. Enter the Cheesiness of it all.
The company went bankrupt. The place fell to ruin.

And now we're here to explore. The very first group to get inside in years.

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