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FASTEST way to become a Cyber Analyst and ACTUALLY get a job – UPDATED (2023)

Get 3 Three months free with nordpass using code 'UnixGuy' go to https://nordpass.com/unixguy
- Google Cyber Security Certification: https://imp.i384100.net/VmOVaj

- Blue Team Level 1: https://securityblue.team/why-btl1/

- InfoSec Forensic Courses: https://imp.i384100.net/5gj7DN

- TCM Practical Windows Forensics: https://academy.tcm-sec.com/p/practical-windows-forensics?affcode=770707_qojriz7g

- Free Splunk Training: https://www.splunk.com/en_us/training/free-courses/overview.html

- MISP Training: https://www.misp-project.org/documentation/

TCM Python 101: https://academy.tcm-sec.com/p/python-101-for-hackers?affcode=770707_qojriz7g

TCM Python 201: https://academy.tcm-sec.com/p/python-201-for-hackers?affcode=770707_qojriz7g
Cyber Analyst Roadmap TimeStamps:
0:45 General Foundation
04:07 Cyber Security Specialisation
09:11 Becoming Unstoppable
Note: I may earn a small commission for any purchase through the links above

Видео FASTEST way to become a Cyber Analyst and ACTUALLY get a job – UPDATED (2023) канала UnixGuy | Cyber Security Career
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